Want to turn your passion for jewelry into a successful, flourishing, thriving business, but you don’t know HOW?

You’re dreaming of becoming a successful jewelry designer. Or you are a creative entrepreneur thinking about launching your very own jewelry brand. You have passion and grit for all things bijouterie and are excited about bringing a unique collection into a booming industry. You are willing to commit fully to bring your ideas to life and get your brand out in the world!

But then you start asking yourself…

  • How to design or create?
  • How to make sales?
  • How to make profit?

SO…. You have that bigger picture pretty clear. There are only a few bumps in the road (okay and some knowledge and experience that you’re lacking right now) to really make it happen.

But don’t worry! I’ve got you covered!

But don’t worry! I’ve got you covered!

In this FREE guide I’ve collected my biggest lessons and most important take aways of my own journey of being a jewelry designer and producer for multiple other brands. And I’m sure this could be helpful to you.
I brought all my experience together in a unique method, that give you the 4 powerful steps toward your thriving, meaningful jewelry brand.

What you can expect of this guide

I am thrilled to share the strategy that I developed last years, and that is the GEMS method for a sustainable thriving business in jewelry.

  • Get going
  • What to think about when starting your jewelry label, more specific your first production. How to find manufactures and suppliers worldwide.
  • Ethical expansion
  • The next step is to grow full focus, an ethical expansion with your brand, your sales, your collections. How to find your dream customers for your jewellery business. How to write an easy jewellery business plan and stick to it, making the strategic right choices. 
  • Magnetic messaging
  • The way to share your jewellery with the world and be a magnet for sales & pr. How to define your why to start a jewelry business. 
  • Sustainable sales
  • How to market your jewelry. And then, how to actually make money with your jewelry dream! And now you can learn every detail in this FREE GUIDE!
“For my webshop I made the jewelry by myself. I realized that if I wanted bigger I need a production partner. It was so hard to find the right party. I had a test set made in Bali, but communication was difficult and I also tried a couple of parties via Alibaba. In fact, I had already given up hope until I accidentally met Hatice during a networking event. The everything is possible mentality suited me so much that I dared to take another shot. I have now outsourced my first production and I am ready to grow. So much looking forward to it! Also started a coaching traject with Hatice to level up the sales, it gives me access to possibilities I didn’t realized I had for my jewelry. Also the introduction to more sales and PR is amazing to have, feels like ten steps at once. Within four months I became on of the brands and selling more than I did the last couple of years.”

Imagine that..

know where to start your big journey towards your dream business.

understand what makes the difference between brands that make it and brands that don’t.

feel proud and fulfilled because you turn your ideas into successful reality.
discover the unique power of your message and brand.

break through your fear of doing sales and the whole commercial part of your creative business.

Are you ready to stop doubting and guessing and start moving with focus and confidence?