Hatice Tekin

Your partner in jewelry


Previous lawyer and now entrepreneur, designer & consultant in jewelry. On a mission to change the world one gem at a time. Jewelry is my passion, finding solutions is in my blood, creating designs for more sales are the common and success the magic word. Helping creative entrepreneurs to start a profitable, successful thriving business in jewelry and maximize business in jewelry in the most ethical way. 


Behind every piece of jewelry there is an untold story or vision. The magic happens when the jewel tells the story by the catch off the light or a of glimpse of emotion. Within the fashion sector there are still many social issues and unfortunately most of the production is still quite harmful to people & environment. We adhere to and promote fair and equal labour rights. Working to transform the jewelry supply chains to be more responsible in an ethical & sustainable way. 


Ethical comes from the Greek ethos “moral character” and describes a person or behavior as right in the moral sense – truthful, fair, and honest. 

Ethical means for me honest, (h)onorable, humane, principled, proper, virtuous, clean, conscious, correct, decent, elevated, equitable, fair, good,  moralistic, noble, respectable & rights. 

Production jewelry

Imagine that..

You know where to start your big journey towards your dream business.

You understand what makes the difference between brands that make it and brands that don’t.

You feel proud and fulfilled because you turn your ideas into successful reality

You discover the unique power of your message and brand.

You break through your fear of doing sales and the whole commercial part of your creative business. 


Work with me


The GEMS accelerator program is a 4 month 1-1 mentoring for conscious jewelry brands that want to go to the next level by upgrading their growth strategies, marketing, sales, operations and more.

Ready to hop for a sustainable thriving business in jewelry!


Private label jewelry opportunities. Your designs, your brand, your profit.

The easiest and most carefree way to launch your newest collection. One stop service, we take care of everything from design to manufacturing your jewelry.  


Creativity is a phenomenon where both something new and, at the same time, somehow valuable is created. Creative thinking involves inspiration, value and implementing to one. Also it means taking into account originality, complexity, imagination, curiosity, ethics and aesthetics.

What if I tell you that this is what I love to do the most. Create a jewel or even better a jewelry line totally within your expectations with all my creativity.

Designing your jewelry with full dedication and commitment to make sure that the designs meet your expectations and it will be a success. Each collection is unique and perfectly suited to your brand and aesthetic.

  • I love to: Play. Be a kid again. Let my imagination run wild. Try things. Ignore all restrictions. Forget about what is expected.
  • Being Curious. Challenge myself in new developments and challenge my customers in becoming extra ordinary.
  • Invent. Re-arrange things. Tweak. Over and over again. More or less satisfying. Tweak. Make it perfect.

No matter who you are or what you do, if your desire is the have a jewelry label I can be your full service partner. Besides creative development of your jewelry also ready to design, source, manufacture your jewelry.


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Exactly as I wanted them
“A couple of months ago we had our # necklace made by Ana Dyla. The communication was good and it was nice that they thought along with the small details. The necklaces are of very good quality and exactly as I wanted them.”
Amber hashtag necklace