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About me

Hi there, I am Hatice, a lawyer and entrepreneur. Consultant in fashion, manufacturer and designer in jewelry (for my jewelry brand Ana Dyla). Ana Dyla stands for honest belongings to keep or handover to your loved ones. I have been an entrepreneur for 8 years now and started doing business in Turkey from the start. I have been able to make a difference by sustainable and ethical choices. I lead where I can help jewelry entrepreneurs to start or grow their own profitable, successful jewelry business and live the life of their dreams. As a consultant I can help you to create a thriving business in jewelry (or own your own jewelry) label. As a manufacturer I can help you to create your designs in the highest quality.

Why am I sharing my experience with you? 

Because I would love to help you with the experience I own and that can support you in navigating as a new entrepreneur. It can make you visualize that your dream can be tangible, you can have your jewellery business and make it a success. In all fairness, this cannot done without knowledge, experience, network and strategies.

What Anita says about Hatice:

What a strong woman who knows what she is talking about! A super clear talk with clear expectations and a lot of knowledge and experience. She takes you through steps that make it easy to start your own jewelry label. In addition, she works from a vision and mission that makes you want to belong! Honest story and honest quality jewelry. You just want to belong here! - Anita Bus

Free Resources

4 steps to have your profitable jewelry label

Here’s what you’ll discover in the e-book: 

  • You’ll learn how to get going and start having your own designs reality 
  • You’ll find out how to grow sustainable 
  • You’ll discover a little-known way to make your messages magnetic 
  • You’ll learn 4 steps to have a sustainable thriving jewelry business 
  • And much, much more.
    By the time you’ve finished this e-book, you’ll know what the first steps will be to make money with your jewelry business!

Private label jewelry production

Private label jewelry opportunities. Your designs, your brand, your profit. 

  • Maximize your jewelry business with a specialized manufacturer of sustainable jewelry, determined to serve the highest quality & services. 

  • A manufacturer with a personal touch to help you figure out all details and guide you through each step of creating a custom jewelry collection. 

Let us produce your jewelry in the most efficient, transparant & sustainable way. Curious how we work? Download our 6C's production guide. 

Feedback session 60 min

  • Book your session: you can directly purchase your session. You'll receive a link to schedule your call with me. 
  • Fill in questionnaire in advance 
  • Receive 3 concrete tips for your next steps that will generate more sales!

Strategy consult

  • Profit, let's talk about money
  • More impact with clearity
  • More freedom with focus
  • 4 hours strategy
  • Helicopter view for your business
  • Get going for a sustainable thriving business in jewelry

1-1 level up mentoring

    You’re dreaming of becoming a successful jewelry designer. Or you are a creative entrepreneur thinking about launching your very own jewelry brand. You have passion and grit for all things shiny and you are excited about bringing a unique collection into a booming industry.

    You are willing to commit fully to bringing your ideas to life and getting your brand out in the world!

What Marit says about Hatice 1-1 GEMS program
Thanks for today, it was an amazing day and I'm really looking forward to everything that's about to come! This afternoon I let everything sink in a bit. I've already briefly looked at the colors and tomorrow I'm going to work full throttle. - Marit ~ after first live meeting GEMS accelerator program