Your jewelry designs sustainable & ethical produced in Europe

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Private label jewelry production

Do you experience the struggles of your jewelry production abroad? Too high MQOs, lack in communication, cheap ends up expensive? 

Maximize your jewelry business with a specialized manufacturer of sustainable jewelry, determined to serve the highest quality & services. 

A manufacturer with a personal touch to help you figure out all details and guide you through each step of creating a custom jewelry collection. 

We provide private label jewelry and when you produce with us we create the opportunity for you to have:

💎 Guidance in creating your jewelry collection carefree

💎 No high minimum order quantity 

💎  Understanding the dynamics between the jewelry offering

💎 A reliable partner that keeps its promises

💎 Advice about the numbers to produce 

💎 Future proof jewelry with sustainable materials 

Schedule a (non binding) call with Hatice and let’s discover your options. 

4 steps to have your profitable jewelry label

You’re dreaming of becoming a successful jewelry designer. Or you are a creative entrepreneur thinking about launching your very own jewelry brand. You have passion and grit for all things shiny and you are excited about bringing a unique collection into a booming industry.

You are willing to commit fully to bringing your ideas to life and getting your brand out in the world!

But then you start asking yourself…

💎 How do I start my sales strategy?

💎 How do I turn my passion into profit?

💎 What to do after receiving my very first production?

SO…. You have that bigger picture pretty clear. There are only a few missing pieces (okay and some knowledge and experience that you’re lacking right now) to really make it happen.

But don’t worry! I’ve got you covered!

I made a FREE guide where I’ve collected my biggest lessons and most important take aways of my own journey of being a jewelry designer and manufacturer for multiple other brands. I brought all my experience together in a unique method, that give you the 4 powerful steps toward your thriving, meaningful jewelry brand.


Ultimate guide for (aspiring) jewelry entrepreneurs!


Are you planning to develop your own jewelry label and find it difficult to find and start the right parties? Ana Dyla agency helps you from design to development and delivery of your collection. We think along with you about the total concept, the materials and the correct numbers. 

Also available for one time productions if you want to give your customers a jewel, in words, symbol or energy.


From conceptual design to finished product, any part of the production process can be completed in a more efficient way, because we exactly understand the needs of the fashion brands and the needs of the ateliers. You share your idea, together we come to a design that fits your budget but most of all that fits your ideal customer.  

The choice of the right materials and colors is an important part of the design process. Together we look at costs, quality & sustainability.


‘Made to Order’ custom jewelry. I set standards of service in speed of production, highest quality, sustainable materials and ethical working circumstances. All bespoke orders are quoted individually. The prices will vary depending on the exact designs, materials & gemstones. Lead times vary between 8 and 12 weeks.



I believe that high-quality production and partnership go hand in hand with craftsmanship, this is what I stand for. Conscious jewelry, fair precious gemstones and jewelry made from recycled silver or gold. Small-scale production means that we can create without creating waste. Through personal contact we up speed the start of bringing your jewelry label on the market.

What others say

"It started as a feeling that gnawed at me for years. after a long search for what I want and what suits me, I made the choice to go for my creative side. That's how I started looking for workshops and people who work in that profession, and that's how I ended up on a blog from Hatice that really appealed to me. Hatice was a guest teacher at Amsterdam Fashion College of Bureau YAN. That's how I got to know Hatice. Now have my own jewelry line where I started with 1 design. For my next step I want to go for a new design. Despite the virus Corona, we have achieved something very beautiful together. For me it was a new start in entrepreneurship with the occasional feeling of wandering and days of success. Furthermore, I look back on our collaboration with a proud feeling."
''A couple of months ago we had our # necklace made by Ana Dyla. The communication was good and it was nice that they thought along with the small details. The necklaces are of very good quality and exactly as I wanted them.”
"For my webshop I made the jewelry by myself. I realized that if I wanted bigger I need a production partner. It was so hard to find the right party. I had a test set made in Bali, but communication was difficult and I also tried a couple of parties via Alibaba. In fact, I had already given up hope until I accidentally met Hatice during a networking event. The everything is possible mentality suited me so much that I dared to take an other shot. I have now outsourced my first production and I am ready to grow. So much looking forward to it! Also started a coaching traject with Hatice to level up the sales.”