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Private label jewelry

I believe that high-quality production and partnership go hand in hand with craftsmanship, this is what I stand for. From conceptual design to finished product, any part of the production process can be completed in a more efficient way, because I exactly understand the needs of the fashion brands and the needs of the ateliers. I only works with qualified craftsmanship. Workshops that work together with us achieve the perfect result, which delivers the products that meet the specifications and quality set in advance by the brand. With the right structured approach, I ensure that your production will be perfect & carefree for you. Ethically responsible and sustainable materials. Together with you, I ensure that your designs are executed perfectly and contribute to a better world.

Imagine this..

You can make your label a reality! In six months you will wear your jewelry and you can see them shining in boutiques. It is possible if you take that first step now.

You know what you want, what it should look like. The picture is complete, now start with the elaboration.

Changing the world one gem at a time..

Creative Development

Creative development
  • Overall development collection
  • Consistent, coherent & complete
  • Rebuilding collections to create a global collection

Jewelry Production

Spinel ring
  • Conceptual design to finished products
  • Efficient and satisfying manner
  • Responsible production
  • Sustainable materials

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We enter into a partnership with our customers and for that it is important that you know how we work.

Discover our 6 C method in the production guide.



Better than I dreamed off

What initially attracted you to our company? I think it was Sharona a friend of mine who said that you work very well and that she had heard several stories that you deliver good quality and you work with recycled materials.

How was the collaboration with Hatice as a person? You’re super. I found the contact very nice and smooth and you kept me well informed of everything

Are you satisfied with how the production process went? Yes I am! The end result turned out very nice! 

Are you satisfied with the end result? Yes! 

Do you recognize yourself in the following?

    - You have an idea but it is too fresh and not yet developed
    - You feel that you want this, but you can also think of 1000 reasons why you should not do it
    - You have no clue what your next steps should be
    - You have not had a pleasant experience (s) in the past
    - You wonder if the market is not sufficiently satisfied
    - You have trouble reaching the right people
    - You feel insecure
    - You are just curious, what if ..
    In the meantime, you will see more and more beautiful labels around you - and on your Instagram feed. You feel the desire to start this too, but you don't know how.



All went smoothly

What initially attracted you to our company?  From Dutch soil, sustainability, recycled materials and the items I saw.

How was the collaboration with Hatice as a person? Very pleasant. Quick switching, wonderful & enthusiastic.

Are you satisfied with how the production process went? Very satisfied despite the tight deadline it all went smoothly.

Are you satisfied with the end result? Very satisfied.

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