Special projects

       Changing the world one gem at a time..


Hatice, designer and Creative Director of Ana Dyla, was inspired: “Our eyes let us see, experience, admire and protect us. And it’s only when they let us down that we realize the invaluable value of seeing. The Dutch Eye Fund wants more attention for healthy eyes, so that every person can continue to see what he or she loves. The symbol for this is the bracelet, which reminds you of this precious gift.”

Hatice proudly presents the design: “The Eye, but in a slightly different shape from the standard, the recognizable deep purple color of the Dutch Eye Fund and the shape of a cut amethyst connected to a unique glittering chain.” 

Cindy Letschert looks with satisfaction at the end result and the realization: “We are very happy how Ana Dyla has translated our wish into this beautiful design. The creativity and flexibility to provide this tailor-made solution has yield a wonderful result.”